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Install Kali Linux on Virtual Box

In this tutorial I will show you the way I install Kali VM on Virtual Box.

First step is to download Kali iso here.

Select “Bare Metal”.
Download 64-bit installer.

Next, we open up Virtual Box and create a new machine.

Select new.
Create the machine with these settings and hit next.
Choose the ram depending on what you have available. I recomend at least 2GB
Give it at least 20GB and hit create.
Select your new created VM and hit Settings.
Select System then Processor and give your desired amount of CPU.
Select Storage and then the empty disc. Get the Kali iso.

Hit ok.

Now start the Kali VM by double clicking on it.

Hit Enter on Graphical Install.
Hit continue and wait for the install to finish.
The machine will now reboot.
Once rebooted, enter your credentials and hit Log In.

Next and final step is to update our system. Open up a terminal.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

After the updates, your Kali machine should be ready to “Hack the planet”. Enjoy!

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