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Firmware / Partitioning


  • BIOS(Basic Input Output System)
  • Firmware: The ROM(Read-Only Memory) content
  • The bios identifies input/output devices

The bios reads the first 512 first octets from each storage devices to identify the bootable disks

Bios uses MBR Partitioning


  • UEFI(Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
  • Bootable devices limited to 2.2 TB
  • Hybride motherboard
  • Secure boot

Uses MBR and GPT Partitioning


  • Master boot record
  • MBR is the name for the first sectors (512 octets)
  • Contains the partition table
  • Limitations : maximum 4 partitions that are limited to 2.2 TB


  • GPT Partitioning table GUID :Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table
  • Limitations: 128 partitions per disk, 256 TB per partitions, compatible with a limited number of OS’s

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